Martina started her TV career in 1989 as a junior editor of youth and children programs. She joined the only television in Czechoslovakia at that time – the Ostrava Centre of the Czechoslovak Television. After two years she joined the TV news team as a news presenter of the regional news and later also as the editor.

At the same time, Martina continued her studies of history and museology at the Silesian University in Opava. In 1994, she was offered a job of a news presenter of the evening news by the new private TV Nova station. She remained in her position within the TV Nova news room until 1996. That year she left for TV Prima news and together with that she pursued her career of a soprano soloist. Within TV Prima, Martina fully benefited from other opportunities in addition to news presenting. Most successful project was an original family contest called “Do You Know Each Other?” Martina also moderated all annual contests of “Miss babicka” (Miss Grandma) as well as several annual contests of “Rosnicka roku” – contest of weather forecast presenters.

In 1996, Martina developed and presented her own radio program on the Radio Frekvence 1 named “Afternoon Relaxation” (Odpoledni klid). This two-hour program was based on a personal and sometimes very private interview with special and renowned guests. This program was very much appreciated by the listeners. Among the guests, there were renowned actors, singers and writers as well as politicians, business people or sportsmen.

In 1998, together with her colleague and friend Lucie Vyborna, Martina presented a Two Women Show named “The Moonlighters” (Melouchari). This show presented in Jiri Grossmann Theatre was extremely successful. The program was based on a contrast between an original intention or plan and present day reality in lives of people in show business, who became known and famous in a different profession than the one they had been preparing for in college. At that time, both ladies had been receiving offers from all Czech TV stations to put the show live in the prime time. However, it was not possible for the ladies to accept any of the offers, because they worked for two different TV stations – competitors. Once accepting any of the offers, at least one of the ladies would lose her job.

Martina remained in TV Prima until 2006 when she become a freelancer. In 2007, she moderated a series of live discussion programs on the Czech TV News Channel “CT24” called Side Effects.

In 2008, Martina accepted an offer of a newly established news television station named Z1. She works as a news presenter and editor.

In addition to her TV career, Martina is also very active in moderating various business, social, cultural, charity and sports events.

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